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5 Best Travel Movies To Inspire Wanderlust

Much like a good book, the best movies transport us to another place, another time, another feeling and leave us inspired. Inspired to be better. Inspired to make a change. Inspired to see the world. These five films will introduce you to beautiful and stunning landscapes and cultures that will give you a desire to travel to places you’ve never seen. Wanderlust.

1.) Wild 

Mexico to Canada, via the Pacific Crest Trail

Wild’s stunning landscapes, from the deserts to the mountains, will make you want to book a trip, ASAP, to one of the several regions shown in the film but the movies message is what will leave a lasting impression on you. The movie follows the journey of Cheryl Strayed, played by Reese Witherspoon, on her 1,100 mile–long solo trek across the Pacific Crest Trail. The story of self–discovery and healing, told with a sprinkle of wit and brutal honesty will inspire you to embrace yourself and make peace with your past, flaws and all.

Travel tip takeaway:
Embrace the minimalist trend when packing – you can live without it at home, you can live without it on the road.


2.) Everest


Based on the infamous 1996 disaster, when eight Everest climbers die during their climb, this movie will pull on your heartstrings, but it will also make you feel determined to take on a new adventure in your life, even one that may seem challenging or scary. Maybe you’ll even hop on a flight to Nepal.

Travel tip takeaway:
Connect with your loved ones whenever you get the chance.


3.) Eat, Pray, Love

Italy, India, Indonesia

Every blog post you read about movies that inspire travel, will, without doubt, include Eat, Pray, Love. True to its name, the movie follows a women who travels from Italy, to India and eventually to Bali in the search of food, spirituality and love. A true love story, this film’s gripping romance will draw you in and may also give you the itch to marvel at Earth’s stunning places and cultures. If you’ve never taken that solo–trip you’ve been dreaming of, this movie might be the push you need.

Travel tip takeaway:
Wherever you go, enjoy the food. Eat well and savor the moment.


4.) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Iceland, Greenland, Nepal

This quote from the movie sums up its message well: “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” If you need an escape from your life, a life that may feel ordinary, this is a must–see film. This movie will make you feel a sense of freedom and liberation and have you longing to live out your adventure fantasy.

Travel tip takeaway: 
Be prepared but sometimes taking risks is the best way to enjoy life.


5.) Into The Wild


This movie chronicles the story of a college grad, who leaves behind his family, his money and his life, as he travels across the US, eventually settling in Alaska. This film may make you want to pack up a backpack and go on a hitchhiking adventure tomorrow. The spirt of this movie inspires creativity and a desire to learn about the things that are beyond the constraints of your current life. If you are not itching to visit Alaska, you may find yourself wanting to visit some of the other locations in this movie – Arizona, California or even South Dakota.

Travel tip takeaway:
Be sure to take into account all of the different obstacles you may encounter on your trip.

What are your favorite travel destinations? Share with us below!

Header Image: Amy Smith

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