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5 Colors You Should Be Wearing to Make Your Tan Stand Out

Guest Post: Samantha BraddyHigh Style Life

Have you been lounging on the beach this summer for that heard-earned tan of yours? Guilty as charged, I assume! Now, to make the most of your sizzling look, you should hone in on your color palette to flaunt your lovely glow for as long as this weather will allow. Let’s take a look at a few tan–friendly shades that you should include in your wardrobe to boast that sun-kissed look of yours!

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Think coral thoughts

They may seem soft, subtle or subdued, but they will be anything but as soon as you blend them with your beautifully dark skin. It can be predominantly soft pink, much like that shade that is nowadays known as the Millennial, bubbly pink, or it can have a peachier essence, juicy and fresh.

Even those in the turquoise spectrum that have a gentle transparence to them can fall in the same category. These are soothing, silky colors that remind you of that sangria-filled summer, and those beachy grapefruit-based cocktails.

Crisp white

Nothing provides a powerful contrast quite like pure Scandinavian white. Such a simple, yet alluring color, or the absence of it, lets you play with the variety of texture, materials, cuts and shapes to wear with your tan. Lace is big this summer, while uneven, asymmetrical cuts are all the rage, so you can choose a light, tantalizingly see-through dress for your day at the beach.

On the other hand, classy pencil skirts and crisp white shirts are nothing short of upscale hot, so you can wear a comfortable combination to your office, while still boasting your bronze look.

Perky citrus shades

Vitamin C should be your best friend in choosing the right wardrobe for a summer outing. Whether you’re a fan of sunny yellow or deep sunset orange, there’s a whole range of hues that are inspired by exotic fruits for your next daring outfit. Perhaps you can even get a funky shirt of such a vivid hue with a funny print on it, and make your look all the more interesting!

These shades might not be a typical part of your capsule wardrobe, but a single monochrome t-shirt in one of these shades to complement your jeans or your ripped denim shorts, and you’ll have a flawless look waiting to happen for your coffee date with your besties.

A vibrant rainbow

When you can’t choose one, choose them all! Wearing many colors at once, especially mixtures of vivid, contrasting shades in abstract patterns or ethnic-inspired will truly make your golden tan pop. For instance, this summer has been marked by a huge choice of resort wear that comes in so many tones you’ll hardly be able to choose just one.

The sheer volume of hues so vibrantly blended together allows your lovely bronze to stand out in all of its natural glow and beauty. Combine these vivid outfits with simple sandals and little to no jewelry, and your exotic mermaid look will last well through fall.

Neon and bold

Fuchsia, magenta, royal blue, deep purple, lime green, you name it, if it has that glamorous flash in it, it’s ideal for your beachy look, and they are not reserved for the beaches of Miami. They are dreamy, loud and fun, so they might not be your typical cup of tea, but summer is a perfect moment to go a little above and beyond your ordinary wardrobe, and pick a special tone of courageous to make your tan known.

Even details such as footwear or earrings that come in these tones are mighty, so you can start small and work your way towards an entire neon-dominated outfit. Who knows, perhaps you fall in love with the trend and continue enriching your collection with more items in various neon shades?

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    Jennifer Gainer
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    I love the coral it always makes me appear tanner than I really am, I will have to try some of the others too. Great post !!!

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      Agreed, coral is such a great color to make a tan pop!

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    I really like your site. Where is that rainbow sweater with the heart from, super cute!

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