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The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

Guest Post: Georgia SelihHigh Style Life

Just like eyebrows, bangs are one of those features that can dramatically transform a person’s appearance in a matter of minutes. In that respect, choosing the wrong style of bangs for your face shape can look really unflattering. This is why many people decide not to have them. However, the right style can make you look more youthful as well as bring out the side of your character you like the most: cute, sassy, professional, etc. Therefore, it’s really important to opt for the bangs style that suits your face and your character the best. If you want to try out this look, the following tips can help you.

Round face shape

If you have a round face shape, lucky you! It’s said that people with a round face always look more youthful. However, the wrong bangs can change that in an instant. There are two different options when it comes to choosing the right bangs style for you. The first one includes side bangs. They look really soft and flattering; they are perfect for various hairstyles and many different occasions, and elongate the face a bit. Another interesting bangs style for a round face is perfect for those ladies who are on the edgy side. The style in question is blunt bangs. However, you have to discuss the perfect length of the bangs with your hairdresser.

Oval face shape

An oval face shape is considered to be very beautiful. But what style of bangs can make this face shape even more stunning? For starters, you can go with softer blunt bangs. They don’t have to be as straight cut as the regular blunt bangs, but you should consider having them cut a bit longer. Also, medium style bangs that end just above your eyebrows are also a great choice for oval face-shaped gals. In the end, this particular face shape allows you to experiment more with hair and bangs styles, so definitely try to adjust them to what you find especially flattering on yourself.

Square/Oblong face shape

If you have a stronger jawline, which is a typical feature for square and oblong face shapes, you want to strive to achieve a nice balance. So, if you want to do this by rocking some cool bangs, opt for an A-shaped bang style. The layers and tapered ends of A-shaped bangs shift the attention from your jaw to other facial features, such as your eyes. Another great style in this case includes long and layered bangs. Similarly to A-shaped bangs, they balance the jawline, but also soften your whole look.

Heart face shape

The cute heart face shape can look absolutely stunning if you choose to rock the crescent style bangs. They are longer and feathery at the ends but shorter in the middle. Also, this look can be easily styled to achieve the look and impression you want. Moreover, baby bangs are a great way to enhance your heart face shape features. It looks really cute, youthful and innocent, but when paired with the right outfit and makeup look, it can be transformed into a soft edgy style as well.

Long face shape

If you have a longer face shape which typically features a higher forehead, you should definitely look into side bangs that have a strong angle to them. Literally, you can use the sharpness and position of your angled bangs to strategically enhance your best features. Also, low, straight bangs that seem a bit overgrown around your eyebrows can look really cool and flattering. Let’s not forget the main tip when it comes to bangs, though. If you have curly hair, regardless of your face shape, you should invest in a high-quality hair straightener since curly bangs definitely aren’t flattering.

If you decide to rock some bangs and find the perfect style for your face shape, don’t forget to update your hair care routine as well. After all, even skipping just one hair wash is going to be very obvious if you have bangs framing your face.

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  • Reply
    September 16, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I have an oval face but haven’t ever had much success with bangs because it’s not very full but you’re making me want to give it a try!

  • Reply
    Casey the College Celiac
    September 16, 2017 at 10:28 pm

    I rocked bangs when I was younger, but grew them out over the years. Thanks for the ideas to consider if I ever decide to have bangs again!

  • Reply
    September 18, 2017 at 5:02 am

    I love bangs they are great for hiding my forehead, I have a round face and have a blunt style bangs.

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