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Brilliant Skincare for Millennials

Guest Post: Georgia SelihHigh Style Life

The term “millennial skincare” has slowly snuck into various internet articles, commercials etc. but what exactly is millennial skincare? Many brands are now upping their game to fill in the gap between the teenager–oriented cosmetics that are more blemish–prone and the anti–aging offerings that are not exactly what people in their twenties need. The result of this is young skin that continues to look young throughout the years. Here is how they do it.


You are probably familiar with the fact that stress can accelerate the aging of your skin up to ten years, right? But, when it comes to people in their 20s without any kids and a mortgage, people might ask what exactly is the problem. Well, let’s just consider the passing out drunk during weekends and working on the career during the rest of the week factor. Also, there is the environmental stress, aka pollutants, heavy makeup (more about it in the next paragraph), etc. All those factors can lead to enlarged pores, rough skin texture, and breakouts, which is something we want to prevent at all costs.


In a generation of social media, makeup gurus, ridiculously good makeup products and selfies, it is clear that anyone can look absolutely flawless with the help of makeup. After all, everything revolves around looking fine in Instagram photos, right? This is exactly why the makeup industry has now beaten both the skincare and anti–aging market. Who needs an anti–wrinkle cream when you can apply a moisturizing primer that holds your makeup and fights against wrinkles at the same time.

However, millennials are still responsible enough to take care of their skin even though they may constantly hide their flaws under makeup. They know that even though makeup is good, it is still an unnatural product. Sure, the quality is way better than the makeup our moms used when they were our age, but it can do some damage as well. In other words, we still need to use the skincare products that will fix that damage. In the next few paragraphs, you will learn all about the millennial must–have skincare routine.


UV rays are our one–way ticket to Wrinkletown or even Skincancerville. Our fellow millennials are well aware of that, so they always make sure that they are using skincare products with at least SPF 30.


Exfoliation is basically the removal of the dead skin cells that are still sitting on the surface of your skin. It leaves your skin smooth and makes it easier for all the skincare products to penetrate its surface. You can do it yourself and it is super easy.

  • First, put a soft terry cloth under warm water and place it on your face for just a few minutes. Warm water is going to open up your pores.
  • Next, squeeze some cleanser on the surface of the cloth and rub the cloth on your face in circular motions starting from your nose all the way to your forehead.
  • Rinse your face, pat it dry and apply some moisturizing cream immediately after.


Moisturizers, especially the ones rich in sodium hyaluronate, like Ultraceuticals moisturizer cream, protect your skin from all the rough elements in your surroundings. Use a lighter one during summer months and a heavier one during winter. If you have extra dry skin, start off by using an alcohol–free toner that gives your skin all the water it needs. Use it after cleansing and apply moisturizer afterward.

Makeup Cleansers

Remember the story about makeup? Well, you need something that is going to take those 50 layers off as well as remove all that dead skin and surface debris while calming your skin down at the same time. Avoid harsh scrubs at all costs and choose moisturizing, non–drying cleansers that will replace all your nighttime creams, or opt for Garnier micellar cleansing water with glycerin and triple purified water.

That would be it! Are you going to implement these tips into your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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    October 19, 2017 at 12:32 am

    Thanks for this post. I’m always on the lookout for things to make my skin look younger and better. I put moisturizer so many times throughout the day, but my skin is always really dry. I’ll have to check out the ones you suggested. 🙂

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