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How to Motivate Yourself to Start and Continue Working Out

Guest Post: Diana Smith

The hardest part of working out is definitely the beginning. And by that, I don’t mean the first workout. I mean: deciding to start working out, setting the alarm clock for the gym, packing gym clothes into a bag, stepping outside your home with that bag, actually heading to the gym and actually entering the gym. However, even the best intentions sometimes just don’t do the trick.

The sad truth is that you will never love the pain and the exhaustion you will feel during your gym sessions, you will never be happy about the sweat in your hair (which you washed the day before) etc. However, you will love your smaller waist, you will love your thinner bum, you will love the feeling after the workout and you will love all the looks directed towards you when you walk past someone while wearing tight-fitted clothes.

So, next time, before hitting that snooze button, ask yourself: “Will I regret skipping this?” Of course you will. And if you need some extra motivation and inspiration, check out these tips.

Buddy system

Buddy systems are one of the best forms of motivation because there are tons of different possibilities. I’ll allow myself to think that you and your BFF, as well as all the BFFs in the world, had some midnight crying sessions about how much weight you both gained, how hot is that fitness model you both are stalking and so on – it’s just a common BFF thing. However, instead of these sessions, you two can start having some gym sessions. You will push each other when the other one is allegedly too tired to train or something like that, and you can motivate each other with mutual private Pinterest boards, for example – whatever suits you two best. Your best buddy is going to become your gym buddy.

Perks of social media

Remember that fitness model from the last paragraph? Well, instead of envying them, you can try doing your utter best to reach, or even do better than them. After all, they are people just like you, and if they could do it, you can do it too. It is always a good idea to have a role model. Also, besides their aesthetic and flexed mirror selfies, you can stalk their profile a little bit more and check if there are any workout videos, nutrition advice, etc. – fitness models usually post that kind of stuff quite often.

Find the right exercise gear

There is no such thing that can motivate you to turn your beast mode on as much as the right training gear. Nobody wants to work out in an old tracksuit and an old tee with moth holes all over it. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to quality workout gear that will improve the quality of your movement and regulate sweating (it is designed to do so after all). In other words, hop to the nearest sports shop and get yourself a pair of super comfortable weightlifting shoes, some cool leggings or tracksuit bottoms and workout tees with motivational prints.

Keep track of your progress

By maintaining a training schedule or a diary of your gym or pool visits or running times, you will be much more focused on your goal, and you will have full control over your progress. Seeing how far you’ve come is actually insanely motivating. Even when the times get tough, this is going to help you remember why you started this whole journey in the first place.

Reward yourself

Maybe things such as weight control or better health just can’t motivate you – and that is perfectly fine. Instead, you are more into real and tangible rewards such as having some delicious smoothie or watching a new episode of your favorite TV show after your workout. This way, you will create a neurological habit loop that will increase the odds of this routine becoming a habit you’ll love for what it is.

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    Stacy Russell
    October 20, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    Great reminders and so true!
    I’ve been walking with a neighbor. It really helps to have a buddy. I would never get up early otherwise!
    That snooze button is too easy to hit but when you know someone is outside waiting for you then you gotta get up. 🙂

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