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Creative Ways to Lose Weight and Shape Up

Guest Post: Diana Smith

Times have changed and we never seem to have enough time to rest, go to the gym, or spend time with friends and family. But who says that the only way to shape up is by hitting the gym and dieting? If you’ve noticed that you have put on some weight and would like to get back in shape but simply don’t feel like going to the gym, we give you a brief list of creative ways to lose weight.

Start dancing

Taking up an interesting activity is a great way to work out without actually having the feeling that you’re working out. Dancing is amazing, it helps you relieve stress, meet and interact with other people, improve your coordination and above all, it’s incredibly fun. Still, no matter how charming and fun it is, dancing is a form of exercise, even if it doesn’t feel like one, since you’re too busy focusing on memorizing steps and keeping good posture. After a while you will notice that your legs are stronger, your posture is improved, and you’re more relaxed than before.

Pick healthy treats

We all love treats: chips, soda, candy bars and anything with cheese are just perfect for those movie nights and lazy Sundays. While some may advise you to give up treats altogether, you might find it too difficult, so your efforts might end up being counterproductive, because you’ll be thinking too much of the treats you can’t eat to focus on dieting. Instead, why not opt for sweets and treats that are healthy? You can try making smoothies with raw honey, or dip fresh fruit in honey or dark chocolate. Peanut butter can also be a good choice.

Go exploring

When was the last time you walked through your city with a desire to explore it? Try playing a tourist in your own city and get to know the streets, corners, and parks you’ve passed by before but never paid attention to. You don’t have to do this alone, you can invite a friend to go with you, you can bring your kids, or you can even take your dog. Put on some comfy sneakers, pack a camera in your bag, prepare sandwiches, and go out exploring. You will be surprised to discover seemingly ordinary places which hide a lot of history, interesting facts, and beautiful plants. Visit your local tourist centre and join historic walking tours – walking burns calories, it’s easy on the joints, and it’s a great way to spend time.

Organize a play–day

Quiet nights at home are lovely, and having a couple of drinks with friends is calming, but why not organize something completely unexpected once in a while? Invite a group of your friends on a play-day: pack comfortable soccer gear in a bag, bring a ball and a Frisbee, and spend an afternoon playing games, running around, and generally being active. It’s a great way to bond with your friends again, and it will also be a different way of spending your weekend – fun and healthy at the same time.

Indulge wisely

Who says that you can’t indulge while you’re trying to lose weight? The point is that you do it wisely and occasionally, and eat food that is good for your health and metabolism. Next time you go to the movies and take popcorn, don’t add butter and salt. Also, when ordering burgers or pizza, try the vegetarian options instead of the regular ones. What’s more, you can make your own cauliflower crust veggie pizza at home. It has fewer calories and it’s very healthy too.

Dieting and losing weight are all about taking in fewer and burning more calories, but as boring as that sounds, there are ways to make it an enjoyable journey for you. Weight loss doesn’t have to be about strict diets and difficult workouts, and if you manage to turn it into a fun and exciting experience, you will find motivation to keep going for a long time.

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