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Lifestyle Hacks to Boost Productivity in 2018

Guest Post: Samantha Oliver, Ripped.me

When was the last time you either felt incredibly happy with the amount of work you’ve finished in time, or with the amount of energy you’ve had left after such an endeavor? If that’s your everyday gig, get the hell away from this post!  Just kidding, who knows, maybe there’s something in here that will make your life even more productive, but for the rest of you mere mortals, read on and discover a few quick and dirty tips on how to get more out of life in 2018.

Start your day in the evening

A ten-minute ritual that can save you hours the next day is as simple as it sounds, and not at all too perfect to be true. Whether you’re a fan of digital note-taking or old-fashioned notepads, sharpen your planning skills and take a moment before bed to outline the following day. As time goes by, you’ll get even better at planning your priorities and figuring out how much time each task takes, so you’ll shave off hours of work by putting in the time where you’re supposed to at any given moment.

Meditate in the morning

Before you put your brain into full-blown work mode, take a moment after you wake up to meditate, think of most important things you’re grateful for, or just focus on your breathing. Some people enjoy an early morning prayer, others like to focus on relaxing their body, but no matter how you perceive it, these moments of silence are precious for your cognitive capacity. According to research conducted at the University of Washington, mindful meditation and relaxation are powerful strategies for boosting awareness, focus, stress-management and problem solving. Find your Zen zone and take a breather!

Take it easy with social media

Turn off your notifications, take Facebook off your bookmarks list and log out. When you take convenience out of the picture, you’re most likely going to waste far less time on social media. The same goes for your coffee dates and meeting your friends or family: just put the phone away from your table or mute your conversations. It’s a form of showing respect, and you’ll show undivided attention to the task, meeting or conversation at hand.

Schedule your sleep

A chronic lack of sleep can destroy your ability to focus and solve problems efficiently, as it drains your energy during times when it’s meant to be restored. So just like you never skip your doctor’s appointment, work sleep into your daily schedule – always at the same time and in adequate amounts. In a matter of days, you’ll notice an increase in energy, focus, memory, awareness, mood, and those annoying headaches will be gone with the wind.

Get a workout in

While a morning training session is one of the best ways to start your day with greater productivity, you can exercise any time of the day, as long as it works for you and your energy levels. If you work out in the morning, make sure to go for reliable gym outfits, which will help you give it your all, and protect you from injury. Physical activity gives your body an endorphin boost, improves your metabolism and circulation, elevates your body temperature and thus serves as a perfect tool to get your mind and body ready, alert and energized!

Master meal-prepping

Eating out, choosing fast food, skipping meals and munching on anything that falls under your paw happens in every hectic office and for all the busy bees out there. In order to nip these habits in the bud, meal prepping comes to the rescue! Those who stick with a lousy eating regime are 66% more likely to become less productive at work. When you take one afternoon aside to prepare, pack and organize your weekly main meals and some of your snacks, your time will be less occupied by dining out, waiting in line and ruining your mental clarity with junk food.

App up your game

Without completely relying on technology to organize your life, you can strike the right balance by using an app or two for simplifying your time-management and schedules. Test them all until your find the best fit, and take greater control over your daily ventures. These handy tools can help you declutter both digitally and literally – from managing your finances, putting restrictions on your social media time, to automatizing scheduling appointments with your clients, there must be an app out there perfect for your needs.

Think minimalist thoughts

While we’re on the subject of decluttering, don’t call it creative chaos if you need an hour to find a pen or remember where you put your keys. Your environment affects your professional performance every day, hence the need for a clutter-free life. This chaos-prone tendency can be found in all of your actions. If you’re prone to opening a gazillion tabs – decrease them. Saving and bookmarking irrelevant pages? Remove them. Filter all the unneeded mess from every area of your life, and you’ll soon have a clearer thought process as well.

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    December 20, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    Great tips 😊 I meditate in the morning and love to schedule my naps 😴 over 20 years now

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    December 21, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Really good tips. I think I should incooparet first tip in my daily life. It seems so simple as plan for tomorrow in the evening yet so easy to forget.


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    December 22, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Good tips. I love making lists before bed to clear my brain!


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