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Guest Post: Brigitte EvansHigh Style Life

In the famous words of Andrea Bocelli, it’s time to say goodbye – this time, to all things fluttery, perky and light that we wore with pride all summer-long, such as our immaculate floral dresses, orange lips and beachy waves. It’s time to switch to a more fall-friendly look, in order to meet and greet the duller days and harsher weather conditions with equally fabulous pzazz!

Go heavy with hydration

With colder winds and chilly mornings, your skin needs an extra touch of care. That means going for the richer moisturizer creams, and perhaps a serum for an added punch of daily nourishment. And it’s important not to forget sunscreen – simply because lounging on the beach is not an option doesn’t mean your skin is sun-safe without proper protection!

Nourish and care

Don’t forget to always use a lip balm to prevent chapped lips, and since they come in so many delicious hues and tastes, you can focus on this season’s growing trend – cruelty-free and Earth-friendly balms are every modern gal’s best choice. Only after you care for you lovely pout can you use makeup for emphasizing your beauty!

Extra rosy cheeks

Another fall-ideal makeup trick that can embellish your current look is a slightly bolder shade on your cheeks, and playful ways to accentuate your beautiful features. Rosy doesn’t mean invisible, so don’t be shy to test your makeup skills as the winter approaches. Keep in mind that spending time outside may also add a natural tone of pink to your cheeks, so careful not to overdo it.

Long, long locks

Not all of us are blessed with Rapunzel-like volume and length, but fall is for many reasons the season to flaunt a wild, voluptuous mane. If you’re stuck with short or brittle hair, you can easily embellish it with the help of clip-in hair extensions that match your hairstyle and give your locks a layer of glamorous vigor for the upcoming colder days.

Waves extraordinaire

But instead of those rebellious, untamed, beach-inspired waves, these fall-ish curves in your locks are meant to be controlled, full, rich and glossy. Show off your well-conditioned hair, whether it’s short or long, by adding a touch of curling tongs to your existing do – it’s meant to resist this fickle weather and give you a full, lush look.

Mini buns

Punkish, fun and feminine, the tiny buns atop your glorious hair are a brilliant way to add novelty to your hairstyle ensemble! They are easy to make, even easier to fix on the go, they match almost any outfit of your choice, and they give incredible opportunities for accessorizing with shades, makeup and jewelry.

Double–trouble lips

The bold red lip is always trendy, no need to neglect that look as the seasons change, but you can give it an extra edgy twist with the help of some imagination. And the perfect, yet simple way to achieve this? Different shades of lip colors on your upper and lower pout! Mind you, stick to the same color, just find its subtler, lighter tone-sibling.

Chocolate on the pout

In addition to the timeless red lip, feel free to think hot chocolate thoughts for the upcoming months. Depending on your own skin tone and preferences, you can easily incorporate some smooth brown shades into your lipstick collection, for an extra toasty coat of color.

Add some glam

When the dreary weather blues hit you hard, it’s time to introduce some glitter into your life! Plus, with summer tan still wonderfully adorning your skin, you can easily mix and match various tones of silver, gold, even pink and other neon shades that are becoming increasingly popular. On the eyelids, lips or even a smidgen of them on your cheeks is more than welcome to spice up your dull days.

Crimson smoky eye

Not to worry, pretties, the classic smoky eye isn’t going anywhere, not now, not ever. But once again, creativity steals the spotlight and lets you experiment with these traditional combos and give them a much-needed fall makeover. Add a touch of striking crimson red amidst the daring black on your eyelid, and you’ll have a very merry Christmas look!

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