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Stylish Wedding Party Rules Around the World

Guest Post: Georgia SelihHigh Style Life

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to make sure that everyone important to you is right there by your side. This is why choosing a wedding party is a big step and one that should be thought through carefully, because your wedding party is not only the people who will stand next to you as you say your vows, but also the people who will be helping you throughout the wedding preparation process. Since different cultures around the world have different rules, let’s take a look at a few that might help you choose your own perfect party.

Family first

In many countries in Europe, families are the centers of people’s lives, even long after they leave the nest. They are tight-knit and are very involved in each other’s lives. This means that when it comes to choosing the entourage, the siblings will always come first. No matter how many of them there are, they will all be a part of the wedding party, without exception. On one hand, this is a beautiful sentiment that ensures a strong family bond during a time when you’re leaving to start a family of your own, but it can cause some problems too: If you invite a good friend to be a part of the party before you invite a cousin, you might cause some friction, so you might have to explain to everyone that you will limit the party exclusively to siblings and a few very close friends.

The perfect gift

It’s not uncommon to give a special gift to your wedding party, like jewelry, ties, cufflinks, but sometimes you want to make it extra special. Australia is one of the countries where gifting the wedding party is considered a necessity, but putting extra thought into the gifts can make it very special for everyone involved. Sure, you can sometimes simply gift them the outfits they will be wearing to the wedding, but how much better would it be to go to the bottle shop in Haymarket and get a bottle of their favorite type of wine? Or have each piece you are gifting engraved with the wedding date and a message special for each person. Showing each person in the party that they are appreciated as individuals is very important, and it will make everyone feel even better on the big day.

Don’t blindly follow tradition

The USA has been the front-runner in breaking traditional molds and giving out new concepts and ideas. One of which is throwing the “maid of honor” and “best men” out the window. Both the bride and the groom have friends of both genders they want by their side, and nobody should be excluded just because their gender doesn’t fit in the tradition. Mix it up, introduce the bridesmen and the groomsladies and have a good time with your best friends of all genders. You can still color-match them or have them wear different details to set them apart, but what’s most important is that they are by your side for this important moment.

It can be hard selecting the few good people to be the honored ones and stand by your side, and we often feel the pressure to ask someone just because they asked us, or because we made a promise when we were in high school. But your wedding shouldn’t feel like it’s just a list of must-dos, only love and support from your loved ones. Fill your wedding party with people who can help you get through the process and who will surely be there for you every step of the way. After all, whoever you choose to be in your wedding party will certainly be honored and you will feel more confident with every person you have who is standing behind you, so feel free to really make your wedding party a dream team.

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