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Celebrity Secrets for the Perfect Spring Detox

Guest Post: Brigitte EvansHigh Style Life

As spring rolls around, we are waking our entire bodies up together with nature. You’re not much different from a flower, and spring is the time to shake off the old petals and show up in your best form. And the best way to do this is to detox your body and get yourself ready for the upcoming challenges. So how do the celebs do it and what can we learn from them?

Get your diet in check

Detoxes are often done wrong: they are restrictive and end up depriving your body of vital nutrients. Forget about any crash diets and regimes that make you cut out several major food groups. Spring is coming which means that we are surrounded by wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables, and that is what should be making the bulk of your diet. Try to eat fresh and organic whenever you can to fill up on vitamins and minerals and minimize any harmful toxins that come from pesticides used in growing the produce. You can also follow Madonna’s tip of cutting back on sugar. The woman is such an icon of remaining forever young that we all have a lot to learn from her, so it’s worth giving a try.


The way your body flushes out toxins is mostly through sweat and urine – both requiring water to function. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and drink up whenever you can. If the level of water in your body drops, your metabolism will slow down, and you won’t expel as many toxins. You can also substitute water with green tea – a well-known and crowd-favorite drink full of antioxidants, perfect for a spring detox. If you are exercising or expecting to sweat a lot for any reason, up your water game and drink even more than you normally would.

Body hair be gone

As the warm weather rolls in, we are taking off our clothes and many women are deciding that the “winter fur” needs to go. Hair removal in Sydney and other warm cities is especially popular for people who are using even the very first rays of the sun to hit the beach. If you are DIY-ing it, then be careful to use a lot of soothing products on your skin afterwards for a smooth finish. But if you are looking for a more permanent option, many clinics offer laser hair removal, which is a lot better for your skin than everyday shaving with a razor or even weekly waxing.

Dry brushing

A big part of having wonderful, smooth skin is getting rid of the dead skin cells that accumulate on top of it. Elle Macpherson swears by exfoliation, especially with a dry brush. And she’s completely right to do so. Dry brushing is a great way not only to get rid of dead skin cells, but to stimulate the circulation in the area, minimize signs of cellulite and improve pigmentation. Use a brush with natural bristles to make sure you aren’t at risk of skin irritation, even if you don’t have naturally sensitive skin. You can also exfoliate by using different shower body exfoliating products or exfoliation mittens.

Turn to natural

Toxins mostly come from man-made chemicals, and the more of them we remove from our daily lives, the better we are going to feel inside and out. This is, among other things, a tip that Lucy Watson shares. Use natural products on your skin, especially in problematic areas like blemishes. Kimberly Wyatt agrees, and treats her blemishes with tea tree oil. It seems that everyone is picking up on the fact that natural products are simply better for us than others. So next time you’re out shopping, try to get a natural alternative that won’t disturb the natural balance of your skin, and that will work with it, and not against it.

Along with your body detox, make sure you are detoxing your mind. Practice morning yoga and meditation to clear your mind, and try to get rid of toxic situations in your life. What you feel inside will always show on your body, so the less toxicity you have, the lighter and better you will feel. Walk tall and confident into this spring season and bloom.

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