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How to Make Your Bathroom Instagram-Friendly

Guest Post: Faith McGregor

Did you know that an average 16 – 25-year-old woman takes seven selfies before finding the perfect one? More than half of them thinks that finding good lighting is the key to a gorgeous photo. It is no wonder that girls often find that ideal spot in super-stylish bathrooms of popular bars, restaurants, and lounges. After all, they are well-lit and impeccably decorated. What if we told you that there are ways to take your bathroom to the next level and transform it into a mind-blowing selfie backdrop? Here are a few ideas that will help you turn your bathroom into an Insta-friendly oasis where you won’t have to take more than one shot to get the photo you want.

Create flattering lighting

As Oscar de la Renta wisely noticed, the most important thing is “perfect lighting at all times.” OK, he surely didn’t have Instagram selfies on the mind, but you get the point. More than one ceiling fixture in the bathroom could help with that because it provides the perfect ambiance. Use warm LED lights to create the most flattering hue. Install several layers of fixtures (e.g., wall sconces and mirror lights) for a more evenly distributed illumination. You can also install unique lighting options to give your photos a recognizable mark. That can be lightboxes, neon signs, or colorful lights.

Choose a bold tile option

It is almost impossible to avoid catching some of the bathroom tilings in your photo; so why wouldn’t you make them work for you by choosing a bold design? It can be Morrocan patterns, black tile, navy blue, or anything else that could serve as a striking background for your portraits. Subway tile is increasingly trendy option these days, plus it’s affordable, so this is an easy fix.

Glam it up

When you are thinking about designing an Instagram-ready bathroom, just remember the stylish bathrooms in restaurants and cafes we mentioned at the beginning. What do they have in common? They are all glamorous. Take cues from them in the form of simplistic, yet chic bathroom vanities, which not only look great but also have storage space, so you can de-clutter your bathroom and make it selfie-friendly. Another thing often featured in luxurious commercial bathrooms is a seating area (a couch or a chaise) completed by a soft rug. 

Steal from the best

Continuing with this ‘grand theft’ from commercial powder rooms, have you ever noticed that many of the hotels, bars, and restaurants feature industrial chic or Old Hollywood glam style in their bathrooms? Some of the staples of the first style are steel beams, exposed brick, and hanging pendant lights, while the second proudly presents itself in the form of lustrous glass tiles, mirrored walls, vintage fixtures, claw-foot bathtubs, white marble and crystal light fixtures.

Bring the tropics in

Tiki bars and tropical motifs are living their glory days. Some of the world’s favorite cities have had their take on the high-end tropical bars, while famous fashionistas were seen rocking exotic prints such as palm trees, pineapples, and flamingos. All of these makes a tropical bathroom a hashtag of the future. Consider using some of these tropical motifs on your bathroom wallpaper or by introducing smaller accents (e.g. a soap dispenser or towels) with similar patterns. Don’t stop there. Make this theme even more prominent with actual houseplants to green up your photos. Just remember that not all houseplants are bathroom-friendly. Add ones that can stand the humid environment, such as Aloe vera, Chinese evergreen, ferns, orchids, and gardenias. 

Opposites attract

What is the most classic color-pairing you know of? That’s right: black and white. This contrast will make your bathroom look striking and elegant, but still very harmonic. It can be introduced via tiling, but also other objects such as vanities, fixtures, bathtub, towels, etc. At the same time, your bathroom will be transformed into a bold scenery perfect for your portraits.

Make it organic

Bathrooms with organic elements have found their place among Pinterest’s bathroom trends for 2018. If you want to make your selfies trendy, you should take the best out of this design style. Some of the elements you should pay attention to are reclaimed wood backsplashes, stone or wood countertops, wood flooring and vanities. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Everyone loves a good mirror selfie, and you know what you need for that? A fantastic bathroom mirror. Its essential quality is the size – the bigger, the better. If you want to get creative with your photos and catch some of the mirror frames too, make sure the frame is a style statement as well. It could be metallic or adorned with exciting ornaments. The mirror also needs to be well-lit. Choose downlights fitted with diffusing front glasses and combine mirror lights with beams going straight to the mirror.

All of these tricks will make your bathroom a perfect spot to take Instagram selfies. But look at the bigger picture as well. These design projects will result in a stylish bathroom which is a fantastic addition to every home. There is nothing else left to say other than strike a pose and come up with the right hashtag!

Faith is a writer, seeking beauty everywhere she goes and finding it in art, nature, family, work, and home. Passionate about just living life to the fullest, she’s into home decor and healthy lifestyle, trying to be the best version of herself and make her surroundings match.

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