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The Right Fitness Program Is Just Around the Corner: Choose Yours Today

Guest Post: Diana Smith

If you are not that big on sports, choosing a fitness program you’ll actually be excited about is not really an easy task – especially with so many fitness options available these days. While, normally, having a myriad of choices would be a good thing, choosing just one (out of an overwhelming number) can be confusing and just too much. So, what happens? People fail to choose altogether and just stay inactive. 

The usual parameters

Those who decide it’s time they started working out usually choose their workout based on:

  • A means-to-an-end quotient (the goal weight they want to achieve)
  • Their lifestyle (how much time they have per day to exercise)
  • Money (the amount of money they can leave aside every month to do a sport)
  • Their health goals (if they’ve been recently diagnosed with a condition or were alerted by their doctor to change their lifestyle)
  • Age and physical capacity/activity

With that in mind, go through the options below to figure out which activity suits your preferences best:

The gym-hater (aka non-exerciser)

Not everyone has to like the gym, and that’s okay. Instead of forcing yourself to go to humid gym spaces and do your monkey-dance on all those pieces of equipment, turn to nature as your fitness ally. People who don’t have much time to exercise or work inflexible schedules need to find an alternative that’s always open and easy to manipulate around their day – and that’s nature. So:

  • Walk everywhere (speed walking and slow walking both count)
  • Bike wherever possible
  • Eat smaller portions and drink a lot of water
  • Try to exclude processed foods from your diet


The newbie

If it’s been years since you’ve last exercised (or – you’ve never exercised in your life), the key is to start slow. Start with low-impact activities like walking (on the treadmill or outside) and swimming, or indoor bike and machine circuit training. If you’d rather work out alone and hiring a trainer is not an option, find an online workout program and do exercises at home. Set a baseline goal and go from there. 

The calorie burner

If you’ve got a goal to lose weight and get fit/lean, then you need to combine lifting and intense cardio workouts. Lifting with intensity and running (instead of jogging) or picking up any other intense workout like cardio boxing should do the trick. Try mixing in plyometrics, rowing, powerlifting, CrossFit, and boxing with a full-body workout. If you’ve got a weight in mind, consult with a trainer on the best fitness equipment to choose for your workouts. If you’re working out outside, sprint like your life depends on it!

The spiritualist

Not every workout has to be one where you end up sweating buckets; some are more sophisticated and turn to the spiritual aspect of our being. Even though every physical activity should be a tying of the body, mind and soul, the fitness industry is still rejecting spiritual exercises like yoga as fitness workout methods. Nonetheless, if you feel like you need an activity that will feed both your mind and soul, don’t force exhausting cardio workouts on yourself. Instead, take up yoga (there is a variety of yoga exercises, each designed for a specific purpose), Pilates, qi gong or various forms of dance like zumba and ballet that require mental precision. 

The extrovert socialite

If you’re a socialite (aren’t conditioned by time or your monthly budget), the best way to get your figure is by joining a group activity (aka group sport) that will allow you to spend time with your socialite friends while still squeezing in a workout in the process. Running clubs, fitness classes, cycling groups, kickball leagues, zumba lessons and similar classes are perfect for you.

The moment you build a healthy relationship with working out instead of treating it as a “must” thing in your life, things (including your figure) will change for the better. Choose the right workout, set a short-term and a long-term plan and you’ll love every moment of it!

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