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The Top Wedding Trends for 2018

Guest Post: Diana Smith

First of all, congratulations. Second of all, note that you are in luck, and not just because you have found the love of your life that you will spend the rest of your life with, God no. The real reason you’re in luck is that, this year, there is no way on Earth you will have a boring wedding. Why? From wild colors, florals and laser cut linens, all the way to marble dance floors and indoor venues, there are some pretty interesting and wild trends that will enchant your heart a lot more than your future spouse did. 

Without further ado, check out this ultimate 2018 wedding trends list. 

‘Potted’ aisle décor

One of the most amazing creative directors and stylists in the world, Ginny Au, is planning to turn wedding aisles into luxurious garden beds this year. In other words, you will probably be seeing a lot of super stylish flower pots wrapped in silk fabrics and filled with lush exotic flowers hanging from the aisle guest chairs. Embracing a natural vibe is a perfect idea for outdoor as well as boho weddings. Even if you have an ultra-fancy luxurious wedding, this will be the way to balance the whole vibe out a little bit. 

Exotic destinations in all their glory

Even though destination weddings are nothing new, destination weddings that embrace the destination’s local culture are. Especially in those locations where people can completely get off the grid. And trust me on this one, those unique places get a whole new feeling when you include local traditions and customs as well. 

After party!

Even though nothing can replace the reception, this year, more and more couples are spending a big part of their budget on the after party. It is all about that final late-night portion of the party. The level of thought that goes into ‘the party after THE party’ is rapidly increasing among people – it can mean changing into a fun jumpsuit or a lighter dress, adding some late-night options to the wedding reception such as mega strong cocktails, or even moving to a new location in order to keep all the guests on their toes. These are just a few ways to keep the party going until the sun rises.  

Back indoors

Last year was the year of outdoor weddings. This year, couples will rather go back indoors. However, the venues that are on the top of many couple’s wish lists aren’t those boring and average banquet halls, but rather those scenic rooftops, industrial spaces, museums etc. It all revolves around diversity and stepping outside the traditional frames. 

Colorful florals

Groundbreaking? Jokes aside, this year is really about embracing nature through florals. You have probably seen countless floral wedding invitations online as well as floral decorations proudly displayed in many salons. However, this year, florals are getting a moody and dark twist. The biggest 2018 floral trend is those textured, darker and detailed florals. It is all about the drama. And when it comes to colors themselves, forecasted color palettes are shoulder to shoulder with the Pantone color of the year – purple shades such as wine, lilac, mauve and lavender. After all, the wedding trend industry is known for leaving nothing to chance. 


‘Affected’ by current runways and that classic mid-century design, you can’t be surprised that Lucite along with all other see-through mediums will have their huge wedding moment in 2018. Couples are going crazy about the clean, modern architectural vibe that translucence is offering. Clear tents, glass tables, Lucite place cards and venues surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows are just a couple of examples of what we’ll be seeing this season. 

Texture, texture, texture

Both wedding planners and brides are taking their cues from all the latest runways when it comes to linen inspiration. There are more and more laser cuts and illusion details with white and neutral tones. It all revolves around texture. 

Dancing on the marble

Is it because of the aesthetics or because of those magical photographs? We will never know, but it is certain that none of us can get enough of the beauty of marble dance floors. Another example of how texture is going to reign in 2018. 

Which trend is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    Rachel B Velebny
    April 10, 2018 at 8:23 am

    Totally agree about the after party! That is where my husband and I spent almost all our budget, eating and drinking and celebrating 🙂

  • Reply
    April 12, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Great ideas! I just got married last year bout there was a lot of rustic ideas going around. I love the idea of potted aisle decor and let’s face it I think after parties have been happening for years – just not officially!

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