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Currently Crushing: The Edit by Amy

One of my absolute favorite things is getting an inside look at the products, books, podcasts, charities, etc. that bloggers use and love. I have a running list on my phone of blogger–recommended items to try throughout the year. This week, Amy Smith is sharing her five favorite things she has been loving this month. Amy Smith is a wedding and portraiture photographer, lover of the hygge lifestyle, and a 2000’s hip-hop playlist listener.

Beauty Must-Have

Having combination skin, I often found my skin to be very dehydrated or very oily. In my efforts for bettering my skincare routine, I’ve been bouncing around different serums. I’ve been using Aesop’s Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum since February and it is my third/favorite serum that I’ve tried. I apply it every morning and it leaves my face hydrated and plump all day. At first, the serum feels tacky as you’re applying it and that’s because of the aloe vera. The tackiness will go away leaving your skin so smooth! Along with aloe vera, ylang-ylang is also in this serum. Ylang Ylang helps to treat inflammation and dryness!


Morning Pick-Me-Up

Currently Crushing: Mushroom Coffee

I was dependent on coffee to get me going in the morning but really hated feeling that jittery buzz. Then I was introduced to Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee by a health coach that I follow on Instagram! I get Lion’s Mane & Chaga which helps with productivity, focus, and creativity! My favorite way to make it is to heat 8 oz. of skim milk (though any milk choice is great!) and pour it into the coffee mix with a teaspoon of raw honey. Just want to clarify that it does *not* taste like mushrooms! It’s quite delicious with chocolate-y and nutty flavors! Most health food stores will have single serving packets or boxes of 10 – if you want to check it out but don’t want to commit yet, buy the packet!


Must-Have Summer Product

Summer is in full force here and my frizz is outta control due to the humidity! I recently picked up RUSK Anti-Frizz Spray from TJ Maxx to try out before I shot a wedding and this stuff is made of magic. By the end of a 9 hour, hot, and sweaty day, my hair was still slick. I usually get these crazy curls around the crown of my head makin’ me look insane and messy. I’d highly recommend this spray if you’re looking tame that frizz!! PS: A little goes a longggg way!


Thrifty Traveler

Currently Crushing: Thrifty Traveler

I’ve been following Thrifty Traveler for a good year and a half or so and it’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you’re not familiar with TT, they share money saving tips but most importantly travel deals. Thanks to TT, I have visited (from MSP) Paris ($380), Oahu ($350), Copenhagen ($310), and will visit New Zealand (from SFO – $560). Jared, the founder, is from MSP so he’s got an eye out for us Minnesotans! TT even has an instagram account for flights from MSP (@thriftymsptraveler). But to get those killer international travel deals, you’ve gotta sign up for the premium subscription. For $30/year, you can choose where you want to get your deals from (tip: chose all regions) and get notified immediately with flight deals. $30/year for saving *hundreds* of dollars?! It’s one of those things where you might ask yourself if this is too good to be true and most things, yes – but this, THIS is 100% the real deal. When you’ve signed up, be sure to join the Facebook group for only premium subscribers!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Praise be to collagen peptides! I feel like they’re all the rage right now and rightfully so. I get my collagen peptides in individual one serving packets because they’re easier to pack! It is unflavored, grass-fed collagen that you can add to basically anything from your morning coffee to spaghetti sauce to baked goods. I probably put collagen in something at least 3 times a week and have noticed my nails getting stronger and my hair shinier. Whoop, whoop! Along with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, you can find Vital Proteins single serving packets or tubs at your local health food store.


That concludes Vol. 3 of Currently CrushingCheck back next week for all the best in products, TV, reading, etc. 

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