The Catch Up

Links Loved: Vol. 3

Blogging has opened my world to so many interesting writers and thoughtful content creators. This month I introduced a new series to ElizabethMae, called Links Loved. In this series, I detail my favorite reads of the week, for you to enjoy on a slow Saturday morning. Keep reading for the best of style, beauty, wellness and, creativity this week. 


The Catch Up Volume 1 - Style and Beauty

Photos via Unsplash: No. 1 Pete Bellis  /  No. 2 Henri Pham  /  No. 3 Christiana Rivers

Style and Beauty

1.) Give me everything
2.) Beauty The Amazon Prime way
3.) Adding to my cart
4.) Could this lemon tree be any prettier
5.) 4th of July style


The Catch Up Vol. 1 - Create

Photos via Unsplash: No. 1 Florian Klauer  /  No. 2 Andrej Lišakov  /  No. 3 James Zwadlo


1.) I love a good book review
2.) So many good classes
3.) Cactus art
4.) If you haven’t read this yet
5.) Interesting read on brainstorming


The Catch Up: Vol. 2 - Wellness

Photos via Unsplash: No. 1 Jesse Bowser   /  No. 2 Chua Bing Quan   /  No. 3 MARK ADRIANE


1.) Talking summer goals
2.) A trend I can get behind
3.) Must haves for traveling
4.) July horoscope time
5.) Real women share their experience with infertility


That concludes Vol. 3 of Links LovedCheck back next week for the must-read Style, Beauty, Wellness and Creativity posts of the week. Cover image by Justin Leibow on Unsplash.

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