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Lusting For: Fringe

Based on the display at New York Fashion Week, fringe is 100% in this summer. Whether it is adding a subtle tassel to your bag or shoe or going full-on statement with your fringe, there is a way to incorporate fringe in any outfit. Keep reading for our favorite accessories and outfit staples of the season.


Lusting For: Fringe

1.) Sandal

Buy: Shoe
Price: $22.99

2.) Statement Earrings

Buy: Drop Earrings
Price: $6.90

3.) Skirt

Buy: Skirt
Price: $29.90  //  Sizes: S, M

Lusting For: Fringe

4.) Crop Pants

Buy: Denim
Price: $276  //  Sizes: 23-32

5.) Sweater

Buy: Sweater
Price: $171  //  Sizes: S

6.) Tank

Buy: Tank (no longer available)
Price: $39.99  //  Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10

Lusting For: Fringe

7.) Heels

Buy: Shoes
Price: $200  //  Sizes: 6-10

8.) Shorts

Buy: Shorts
Price: $285  //  Sizes: XS, M, L

9.) Bucket Bag

Buy: Bag
Price: $145


Cover Image: Photo by Max Ostrozhinskiy on Unsplash

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