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Currently Crushing: The Edit by Courtney

One of my absolute favorite things is getting an inside look at the products, books, podcasts, charities, etc. that bloggers use and love. I have a running list on my phone of blogger–recommended items to try throughout the year. Last month, I introduced a new series to ElizabethMae called Currently Crushing. Each week, different women will share their must-haves, must-reads, must-dos with you. Keep reading for the five things I’ve been loving this month. 


Currently Reading

Currently Crushing - The Edit By Courtney - Currently Reading

These are three of my favorite reads of the year. The Last Mrs. Parrish (4/5) is a psychological thriller that actually caught me off guard. The first half of the book follows Amber as she befriends Daphne Parrish, in an attempt to steal her wealthy husband. The second half of the book details that same time, through the eyes of Daphne, where you learn the inner works of her marriage to Mr. Parrish. This book is dark and shocking, but you will not want to put it down. On a lighter note, Yes Please, is my favorite celeb read. Comedian Amy Poehler is equal parts hilarious and insightful and there are so many great takeaways from this book. Another must-read is Stay With Me. This is a unique story about a husband and wife, who have trouble conceiving and the journey they take to become pregnant. This novel had a twist I did not see coming and an ending that was equally shocking. All three of these books are great beach time reads for the summer!


Public Libraries

Currently Crushing: Public Libraries

Growing up, I frequented my local public library weekly and actually worked at my university library while in college as well. Now as an adult, I visit my local library weekly and have come to appreciate everything they have to offer. Most people know that libraries offer books, free of charge, to the public. However, they also offer several other things as well: free WiFi, study rooms, DVDS, CDS, audiobooks, digital e-books, digital magazines, STEM classes for kids and teens, computer classes for adults, gardening programs, book clubs, microfilm, and research capabilities. Libraries are great for providing a safe place for the community, providing access to information to a wide range of demographics, and promoting literacy. Stop by your local library and show your support!

Photo by Sylvia Yang on Unsplash


Bedtime Routine

Currently Crushing: Bedtime Routine

I have always had trouble sleeping (I think it is genetic) so I am always on the lookout for a good bedtime routine that promotes sleep. My current setup includes: a humidifier, essential oil diffuser with a lavender oil, a small fan, silk eye mask, and lavender pillow spray. Also, pre-bedtime, I like to take a 20-minute bath, with a candle and detoxifying bath salts from Arbonne. For more restful sleep tips, check out this detailed post.

Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash 


Trendy Vitamins


I am all about the convenience factor, hence why I am loving care/of for my vitamin needs. Care/of is a unique, online store that offers personalized, daily vitamin packs. The process of figuring out what vitamins to order for your daily pack is easy and painless.

  • Simply answer a few questions about your goals, lifestyle, and values.
  • Care/of will recommend the right vitamins for you.
  • Once you place your order, you will receive a box of personalized packs in the mail each month.

Still unsure about whether it is for you? Check out this detailed post about the process and be sure to check out their website for more information.


Goals, goals, goals

Currently Crushing: 101 in 1001

A few years ago I started following Mackenzie Horan, of Design Darling because I came across her 101 in 1001 list. She is now on her third list, which is a compilation of 101 goals she wants to complete in 1001 days. She has inspired hundreds of women to start their own list and while I haven’t quite written out 101 goals yet, she did inspire me to get more serious about all of the personal, professional, and relationship goals. Stay tuned for a post on my Fall 2018 goals!

Image: Design Darling


That concludes Vol. 5 of Currently Crushing. Check back next week for all the best in products, TV, reading, etc. Cover images via Unsplash. 

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