Five Favorite Follows: My Instagram Obsessions

If you are anything like me, Instagram can quickly suck you in (where did that last hour go, right?!) with all of the beautiful graphics, motivational quotes, and inspiring captions. For me, my day job is as a graphic designer, so I am constantly looking through Instagram to keep me inspired and also to keep up on trends within the different industries my clients work in – and my own!

There are many ways to inspire creativity, but one of my ways is checking out what my favorite brands and businesses are up to and I find that the quickest way to do this is through their Instagram feeds. This is often where you get to see behind the scenes content that you might not get on their website or other social media profiles.

Below are my current favorite Instagram accounts to follow:



Copper Kettle Co. provides business strategy and design for creatives and offers a wide–range of resources for creative entrepreneurs on their website. Because I am a graphic designer (part of their target audience) this entire brand is intriguing to me, but their Instagram account is really what got me following along! Not only are the images always styled beautifully but their captions are always interesting and helpful. You will find great tips such as Pricing Quick & Dirty” and stories you will be able to relate to (and learn from!).



The Busy Bee website header says “Spreading Joy & Smiles” which is a perfect description of the brand and Instagram feed! The Busy Bee offers apparel, stationery, design services and even home goods – a little bit of something for everyone. I personally love checking the account for new posts week to week because of A.) I just love the overall visual strategy and color scheme and B.) I love the questions she poses such as: What’s Holding You Back? The great thing about her feed is you get an inside look at her personality, which I personally love in a brand.



Oak And Earth is a blog by 4 girls, who have “common roots. different routes.” I love their different stories and how they use their blog to share the different paths they each have taken in life. Their Instagram account has a very calming vibe, which I can always appreciate. I love their unique imagery and quick insights into their lives. They use a very conversational tone in their captions – almost making you feel like you are one of their old friends. As I scroll through their feed, I can’t even find one image that doesn’t make me wanna do a double click.



This Instagram account belongs to the Founder and CEO of the blog The Blushing Blonde. You will find so many great topics in her feed – fashion inspiration, beauty inspiration, home styling inspiration, lifestyle inspiration. This girl knows cohesion, that’s for sure! Whenever I just need a dose of pretty, I turn to her feed and it never disappoints.



Creative Type A provides “Branding and web design for modern entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level!” Her website will provide you with a list of her services, pricing, and process (for those of you needing premium design services!). If you just want a quick glimpse of different projects she is working on or behind the scenes views of her life, her Instagram account is where it’s at. I often peek at her feed when I’m creating mood boards for clients to get inspired. She posts logos she’s worked on and cute patterns she designed regularly. Hard to resist staring at custom type and illustration, right?!


Cover Image: Artem Sapegin on Unsplash


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    July 26, 2018 at 3:52 am

    Thanks for the Instagram inspiration. The platform is a mystery to me, but you have given me some good ideas.

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