The Catch Up

Links Loved: Vol. 5

Blogging has opened my world to so many interesting writers and thoughtful content creators. This month I introduced a new series to ElizabethMae, called Links Loved. In this series, I detail my favorite reads of the week, for you to enjoy on a slow Saturday morning. Keep reading for the best of style, beauty, wellness and, creativity this week. 


The Catch Up Volume 1 - Style and Beauty

Photos via Unsplash: No. 1 Pete Bellis  /  No. 2 Henri Pham  /  No. 3 Christiana Rivers

Style and Beauty

1.) This jumpsuit gives me life
2.) I love a good room makeover
3.) Give me everything
4.) All the goodies
5.) Adding to cart now


The Catch Up Vol. 1 - Create

Photos via Unsplash: No. 1 Florian Klauer  /  No. 2 Andrej Lišakov  /  No. 3 James Zwadlo


1.) My favorite desktop backgrounds
2.) So many good podcasts
3.) Building your ideal career
4.) I love palm leaves
5.) Dog Photographer of the Year entries


The Catch Up: Vol. 2 - Wellness

Photos via Unsplash: No. 1 Jesse Bowser   /  No. 2 Chua Bing Quan   /  No. 3 MARK ADRIANE


1.) Talking finance
2.) Adding these ideas to my bucket list
3.) These women are goals
4.) Why paper cuts hurt so much
5.) A true review of “clean eating”


That concludes Vol. 5 of Links Loved. Check back next week for the must-read Style, Beauty, Wellness and Creativity posts of the week. Cover image by Miguel Runa on Unsplash

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