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Links Loved: Vol. 11

Blogging has opened my world to so many interesting writers and thoughtful content creators. This summer I introduced a new series to ElizabethMae, called Links Loved. In this series, I detail my favorite reads of the week, for you to enjoy on a slow Saturday morning. Keep reading for the best of style, beauty, wellness and, creativity this week. 


Photos via Unsplash: No. 1 Pete Bellis   /  No. 2 Pete Bellis  /  No. 3  Pete Bellis

Style and Beauty

1.) Heading to Target now
2.) Loving this Insta feed
3.) Love these in red
4.) Love the colors of this dress
5.) I use this everyday


Photos via Unsplash: No. 1 Jess Watters  /  No. 2 Alexander Andrews   /  No. 3 Georgia de Lotz


1.) What pumps you up?
2.) Have you read these classics?
3.) The book review site you needed
4.) Buying these puzzles
5.) Loved these tips and advice on writing


Photos via Unsplash: No. 1  Roberto Nickson  /  No. 2 Becca Tapert  /  No. 3  Logan Nolin


1.) I might purchase a crystal now
2.) Healthy snack alert
3.) Anti-aging in your 20s
4.) Self-care vs. Self-love
5.) The money diaries series is so good

That concludes Vol. 11 of Links LovedCheck back next week for the must-read Style, Beauty, Wellness and Creativity posts of the week. Cover images via Unsplash.

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