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Lusting For: Cherries and Bubblegum

It is hard, even for me, with a closet full of black, white and grey to ignore this vibrant trend: cherry red and bubblegum pink. From the runways to real life, these colors have taken over fashion this fall. I, for one, will be adding the shift dress and track pants below to my closet. But, if these colors are too much for you, tone it down by choosing a cherry red bag or bubblegum pink necklace. Just a small dose of these colors can brighten up any outfit.


1.) Pants: Buy  /  2.) Shirtdress: Sold Out  /  3.) Sweatpants: Buy


4.) Shift Dress: Sold Out  /  5.) Track Pant: Sold Out  /  6.) Dress: Sold Out


7.) Sweatshirt: Sold Out  /  8.) Swimsuit: Buy  /  9. Heels: Buy


Cover Image by Amy Velazquez on Unsplash

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